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Monthly Commentary on Key Themes – May 2024

Global X Asia Semiconductor ETF (3119) Global X China Semiconductor ETF (3191) Industry Update Asia supply chain to benefit from upward CAPEX revision in key US hyperscaler on stronger AI… By Ahn Sol, Edward Chan, Celia Qiu, Daniel Zhou, Bingyao Chen, Jeff Huang, Victor Cheung

Monthly Commentary on Key Themes – April 2024

Global X Asia Semiconductor ETF (3119) Global X China Semiconductor ETF (3191)  Industry Update Asia supply chain plays a key role in Nvidia’s next-generation AI Processor: Nvidia introduced the Blackwell… By Ahn Sol, Chan Tsz Wang Edward, Qiu Chuqi, Zhou Yuan

Comments on Latest Rally of China Semiconductor

Global X China Semiconductor ETF The recent rally in the Chinese semiconductor industry has been driven by three key factors. First, stronger than expected demand for domestic equipment suppliers driven… By Edward Chan

FAQ on the latest rally of China EV battery ETF

Q: The Solactive China Electric Vehicle and Battery Index recently rallied about 25% from its February lows. What are the reasons behind the rebound? 1) Evidence is growing that China’s… By Global X Team

Monthly Commentary on Key Themes – March 2024

Global X Asia Semiconductor ETF (3119 HKD) Global X China Semiconductor ETF (3191 HKD)  Industry Update – China domestic equipment supplier ACM Research guided optimistic outlook for 2024: Management expects… By Ahn Sol, Edward Chan, Marcus Chu, Celia Qiu, Daniel Zhou, Victor Cheung

Implications From Recent China Education Policy Shift

The recently published draft for public commentary by China’s Ministry of Education on February 8, 2024, marks a pivotal shift in regulatory stance since the Double Reduction policy’s implementation in… By ZHOU Yuan

India Outlook 2024: The Secular Growth Story

In our view, India is the best structural growth opportunity in emerging markets (EMs), if not the world. As China’s growth ebbs and investors look for alternative growth markets, India… By Global X Team

Monthly Commentary on Key Themes – Feb 2024

Global X Hang Seng Tech ETF (2837 HKD) Industry Update Hang Seng TECH Index experienced a decline of 20.2% in January, primarily driven by weakness in the Consumer Discretionary and… By Ahn Sol, Edward Chan, Marcus Chu, Celia Qiu, Daniel Zhou, Saniel Chandrawat, Victor Cheung

Monthly Commentary on Key Themes – Jan 2024

Global X Hang Seng TECH ETF (2837 HKD) Industry Update The key underperforming sector was communication services as China announced new regulations on the gaming industry, which prompted a broad… By Ahn Sol, Chan Tsz Wang Edward, Chu Kam Hau, Qiu Chuqi, Zhou Yuan and Cheung Tse Ming

Monthly Commentary on Key Themes – Dec 2023

[2837] Global X Hang Seng Tech ETF The Hang Seng Tech Index recorded a 3.92% gain in November as investors became increasingly hopeful on the Fed’s interest rate cuts in… By Ahn Sol, Chan Tsz Wang Edward, Chandrawat Saniel, Chu Kam Hau, Qiu Chuqi, Zhou Yuan and Cheung Tse Ming

Monthly Commentary on Key Themes – Oct 2023

[2837] Global X Hang Seng Tech ETF Hang Seng Tech Index recorded a 6.2% loss in September, with oil prices surging and US Treasury yields reaching a historical high. The… By Global X Research

Monthly Commentary on Key Themes – Sept 2023

[2845/9845] Global X China EV & Battery ETF Battery production to grow in July: According to the China Automotive Battery Innovation Alliance (CABIA), China’s power battery installation reached 32.2GWh in… By Global X Research

China EV Market: Improving sales & long-term outlook

CHINA EV SALES CONTINUES RISING TREND China passenger vehicle wholesales ended at 11.1 million units as of 1H23, +8.7% year-on-year (yoy), in which electric vehicles (EVs) accounted for 3.54 million… By Bingyao Chen

Monthly Commentary on Key Themes – Aug 2023

[2845/9845]  Global X China EV & Battery ETF According to the China Passenger Car Association (CPCA) data, the July China passenger car vehicle wholesale volume was 2.10mn units (-4.3% MoM/… By Global X Research

Monthly Commentary on Key Themes – July 2023

[2845/9845] Global X China EV & Battery ETF Battery production to grow in June: China’s power battery installation reached 28.2GWh in May 2023, up 12.3% MoM and 52.1% YoY. In… By Global X Research

Monthly Commentary on Key Themes – June 2023

[2826/9826] Global X China Cloud Computing ETF According to the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, China’s software and IT service revenues were up 10.9% year-on-year (YoY) in April 2023,… By Global X Research

FAQ on China Consumer Brand ETF

Q1: What is the long-term outlook for China’s consumption? China has become one of the largest consumer markets for many consumer goods. Yet, penetration still remains low thanks to its… By Sol Ahn and Celia Qiu

China Internet Sector Outlook

Expect revenue and earnings growth of China internet companies to recover gradually into FY23. Learn more to unlock growth opportunities in China's internet sector after China's reopening. By Celia Qiu

Implications and Opportunities of AI

ChatGPT’s success spawns exciting new opportunities. We explore the companies and business models that will benefit from the AI trend. By Edward Chan and Celia Qiu

The Latest on COVID in China

China’s recent COVID situation suggests the worst may have passed and that China may be able to reopen earlier than expected. By Saniel Chandrawat, Celia Qiu and Daniel Zhou

China Poised for Reopening

China Poised for Reopening In our view, China is poised for reopening and is less likely to implement stringent, extended lockdowns going forward. We believe that the National Health Commission… By Saniel Chandrawat, Daniel Zhou and Phil Lee

Key Takeaways of COP27

We discuss key takeaways from COP27 and potential investment implications that may arise from major outcomes of the conference. By Holly So

China Green Shoots: Positive Policy Pivots

New Covid and property measures confirm China’s renewed focus on economic recovery, signalling green shoots for China’s market over the coming years. By Daniel Zhou & Phil Lee

China Biotech: Q3 2022 Review

China’s biotech industry has undergone a downward trajectory over the last 18 months, with external news over Q3 2022 adding to the general risk-off sentiment. Chinese biotech stocks dipped on… By Saniel Chandrawat

META Active: Q3 2022 Review

Virtual reality companies are launching exciting hardware upgrades while expanding their content ecosystems. Investment analysts Edward Chan and Celia Qiu explore these industry updates in Q3 2022. By Edward Chan & Celia Qiu

Asia Semiconductor: Q3 2022 Review

Asian memory makers continue to focus on manufacturing technology migration despite recent industry downturns. Investment Analyst, Edward Chan, explores these industry updates in Q3 2022. By Edward Chan

China Clean Energy: H1 2022 Review

Investment Analysts, Bingyao Chen, Marcus Chu, and Saniel Chandrawat, share their review of China’s clean energy sector in H1 2022. By Bingyao Chen, Marcus Chu, Saniel Chandrawat

Asia Semiconductor: H1 2022 Review

Investment Analyst, Edward Chan, reviews the Asian semiconductor industry in H1 2022 and explores how the rise of autonomous driving vehicles is shaping the market. By Edward Chan

Introduction to China’s Logistics

In this article, our analyst Marcus Chu provides an overview of China’s logistics sector, focusing on e-commerce related logistic players. By Marcus Chu

Can Lithium Keep Up With the EV Boom?

Not too long ago, electric vehicles (EVs) seemed like a distant dream. As rising EV demand takes hold, how will this affect lithium supplies By Pedro Palandrani

Introducing the Global X FinTech ETF

Global X FinTech ETF enables investors to access high growth potential through companies that are applying technological innovations. By Pedro Palandrani, Morgane Delledonne and Global X Team

Metaverse: The New Frontier

What could the metaverse, the internet’s successor, hold in store? Edward Chan weighs in on the underlying technology that could enable this new By Edward Chan

China Consumer Brand Review

China’s consumption continued to show a recovery trend in 1H21 though consumer services still have not fully recovered to pre-pandemic levels. We By Sol Ahn, CFA

Introduction of Electric Vehicle Battery

Electric vehicle (EV) has become one of the most promising industries in the past decade, together with EV battery and related materials. A deep dive into the value chain will… By Bingyao Chen, PhD

Inside the Auto Semiconductor Industry

In this article, we will provide an overview of the auto semiconductor industry and explore the opportunity arising from the electric vehicle (EV) and automation trends. Auto semiconductor is estimated… By Edward Chan

China is Next Frontier in ERP Market

ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) is primarily a back-office software that helps manage business operations. For most organizations, ERP is the core system of record, particularly for the financial and operational… By Celia Qiu

The Rise of Online Grocery

Online grocery has been a rising star within e-commerce industry in the past year. Read to learn more. By Sol Ahn, CFA

China’s Global Leaders in Manufacturing Sector

In recent years, more and more Chinese companies have emerged as global leaders in manufacturing sector. In this article we will explore the key reasons behind this trend. Talent and… By Edward Chan

Growing e-Commerce with Livestreaming

As internet infrastructure continues to advance, China’s livestreaming industry has been developing at an unprecedent speed. Livestreaming is now fully embraced by many internet verticals including online gaming and e-commerce.… By Celia Qiu

Immunotherapy II: Market Growth and Trends

Who is leading in immunotherapy in China ? In the previous report we discussed basics about immunotherapy, including immune-checkpoint inhibitors – PD1 (programmed cell death protein 1) and PDL1. (programmed… By Saniel Chandrawat

The Acceleration of Cloud Computing Adoption in China

Since 2020, China witnessed a significantly accelerating pace of business digitalization due to Covid-19, leading to a rise in adoption of cloud. With government’s support in new infrastructure development (7… By Celia Qiu

The Emergence of Cloud Gaming

As global internet and cloud computing infrastructure continues to improve, cloud gaming (or Gaming-as-a-Service) has emerged to become a new online gaming format. Traditionally, games run locally on a user’s… By Celia Qiu

Telemedicine & Digital Health

Telemedicine and Digital Health can expand access to health care by making it more geographically and financially accessible. By Mirae Asset Global Investment

Immunotherapy: a New Approach of Cancer Treatment

Immunotherapy is a type of oncology treatment that helps the immune system fight cancer. The immune system helps the body fight infections and other diseases. Immunotherapy is a type of… By Saniel Chandrawat

Lithium, Explained

As the name suggestions, lithium is an essential material used in lithium-ion batteries, which play an increasingly important role. By Global X Team

The Meteoric Rise of Electric Vehicles

Electric vehicles (EVs) have been garnering increasing interest among global investors especially given the meteoric rise of Tesla. By Mirae Asset Asia Pacific Research

Introduction to Hardware OEM

This article will provide a brief introduction of the original equipment manufacturer and discuss the current competitive landscape. History of hardware OEM Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) in the context of… By Edward Chan

China’s Clinical Research Services Industry

The Pharmaceutical R&D Process The process involves the discovery of drug candidates and the subsequent testing of drug candidates to demonstrate their safety and efficacy in order to obtain regulatory… By Saniel Chandrawat

The Key Trends Shaping the Chinese Catering

As a result of COVID-19, the restaurant industry has been heavily impacted and has become a key laggard in terms of recovery pace; mainly due to social distancing measures. In… By Sol Ahn, CFA

The Future of Camera Technology

In this article, we will explore the latest development in camera technology, as well as key players in the industry. Significance of Camera Technology Cameras are the eyes of computers.… By Edward Chan

The Race of China’s Autonomous Vehicles

In this article, we will examine the advantages & weaknesses of the autonomous vehicle industry in China. We will also look at the strategy and progress of leading Chinese solution… By Edward Chan

Eyeing China’s Solar Cells and Modules

The Evolution of China’s Solar Cell and Module Industry   The manufacturing of solar cells is an intricate and fine business where the evolution of its equipment with technological improvement has… By Bingyao Chen, PhD

E-commerce Extension

We published an introduction piece on the e-commerce industry called ‘The spending tap – A look at China’s booming e-commerce sector’ earlier this year, where we focused on Alibaba, which… By Sol Ahn, CFA

Implications of Intel’s 7nm Delay

What happened? Intel said in its 2Q20 results presentation the 7nm node launch date was further delayed by another six months from the originally planned launch at the end of… By Edward Chan

China: the Road to Autonomous Driving

Autonomous driving is one of the most exciting fields in the next decade. Breakthrough in Artificial Intelligence (AI), build-out of 5G network and advancement in semiconductor technology are leading us… By Edward Chan

The Rise of China AI Computer Vision Industry

Computer vision is the largest Artificial Intelligence (AI) sub-segment globally in terms of patents filed and thus a key driver of China’s AI industry. Advancement in computing power both at… By Edward Chan

Lens into the Chinese Laser Industry

Since the invention of laser over 50 years ago, the technology has revolutionized to a broad range of applications and products across industries. The laser industry now has a complete… By Mirae Asset Asia Pacific Research

A Makeover for China’s Cosmetic Industry

The cosmetic industry is consistently trying to adapt products against dynamic and fiercely competitive environments in the hope of capturing that extra edge in market share, similar to that of… By Yifan Miao

China’s Chip Design Ambitions

In the Right Place at the Right Time Chip1 design (fabless) business is relatively easy to localize, thanks to the mature ecosystem support around the fabless, which has evolved over… By Edward Chan

China’s Endeavor to Close the Gap in Chipmaking

China’s semiconductor market is the largest in the world. In 2018, China imported US$312.06 billion worth of integrated circuit (I.C.) products, representing 34% of global semiconductor consumption. However, domestic Chinese… By Edward Chan

The Next Frontier for Solar-grade Wafer

The renewable energy across the globe enters into a new phase of growth by customer demand, competitive cost, and innovation, being the primary growth driver for the solar-grade wafer market… By Bingyao Chen, PhD

Tesla – All Eyes on China

Tesla has made meaningful progress by achieving the milestone of being the world’s largest automaker. By Mirae Asset Asia Pacific Research

“Guochao” – The Rise of Homegrown Chinese Labels

“Guo” stands for country, and “Chao” stands for Chao Liu, which in mandarin means fashionable. Guochao has become a top buzzword ever since China’s domestic sportswear brand Li-Ning’s debut at… By Mirae Asset Asia Pacific Research

School’s Out, e-Learning Shines

Online education will be the key growth driver in the After-school Tutoring (AST) industry in China, and we believe the COVID-19 pandemic could be a trigger point for the growth… By Sol Ahn, CFA

The Rise of Telemedicine: Embracing a New Normalcy

The pandemic has accelerated trends and generated new investment opportunities. Telemedicine is a paradigm. Telemedicine is the use of modern telecommunications technology that enables a patient to reach medical consultation… By Saniel Chandrawat

Cloud-connected amid COVID-19 Disruption

The COVID-19 outbreak at the beginning of this year was unexpected, yet the opportunity it has brought to the cloud computing industry is also unprecedented. The pandemic has battered many… By Mirae Asset Asia Pacific Research

How Serious Are The Threats From Climate Change?

Climate change is reshaping the energy industry The green electricity market is expanding The transport industry is ‘decarbonizing’ Conservation is vital to solving the climate puzzle Hydrogen and biofuels will… By Mirae Asset Asia Pacific Research

Consumer Brand – Sino US Trade Deal Phase One

Implication of import quotas on the agricultural industry, from the China-US trade deal The Agreement So Far Agriculture lies at the very heart of the Phase One Economic and Trade… By Mirae Asset Asia Pacific Research

Guangdong to Close Coal Power Plants

China Clean Energy ETF: Guangdong province’s aggressive plan to shut down coal power plants Guangdong province issued the draft guidelines of the 2018-2020 Three-year Action Plan for Wining the Blue-Sky… By Mirae Asset Asia Pacific Research

Wind Turbines Ride the Wave of Chinese Renewable Energy

In recent years, there has been a global shift towards an eco-friendly lifestyle. Wind energy has been gaining popularity and competitiveness. At the end of 2018, China’s total power capacity… By Mirae Asset Asia Pacific Research

The Dawn and the Future of Athleisure

The robust growth of the sportswear industry is not just a Chinese consumer trend but also a global phenomenon. With rising health awareness, more people are participating in sporting activities… By Mirae Asset Asia Pacific Research

Infrastructure-as-a-service (IAAS) in China

According to the Ministry of Industrial and Information Technology (MIIT), the cloud market in China is expected to grow at a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of +32% for 2018-2022E,… By Mirae Asset Asia Pacific Research

China Government Initiatives in Biotechnology

What the Chinese Government did to enhance the competitiveness of its biotech industry In this piece, we discuss key government initiatives over the last decade to support the budding Biotechnology… By Mirae Asset Asia Pacific Research

Can Electric Vehicles Compete with the Combustion Engine

Key Takeaways Analysts believe that total cost parity may have been reached Battery reliability is a vital issue for consumers Battery cost is also crucial Technological advances are improving efficiency… By Mirae Asset Asia Pacific Research

Demand for Education in China Remains Strong

Why the demand for education in China remains strong Rapid economic growth is underpinning a desire for better education Parents are willing to invest heavily in their children’s future The… By Mirae Asset Asia Pacific Research

From Innovation to Revolution: Chinese Biotech Industry

Biotechnology is the use of biological materials, such as proteins, antibodies, genes, and cells, to develop new drugs and treatments. It is not a new concept. Humans have been harnessing… By Mirae Asset Asia Pacific Research

China Embraces the Cloud Computing Age

Cloud Computing Age The term “cloud computing” describes the storing and accessing of data and software using remote servers, and it’s one of the fastest-growing sectors of the IT industry.… By Mirae Asset Asia Pacific Research

The Next Giant in Biotech

Biotechnology is the science and business of using biological materials, such as proteins, antibodies, genes, and cells, to develop new drugs and treatments. Humans have been harnessing the power of… By Mirae Asset Asia Pacific Research

The Hang Seng TECH Strategy, Explained

Discover the benefits of investing in the Hang Seng TECH Index's high growth business and how they capture opportunities in : Cloud, Digital, E-Commerce, FinTech, Internet, or autonomous activities.

Global X China Biotech ETF (2820) │ Sector Update

As China’s “zero-Covid” policy exit and ageing problem continue, we believe several products and areas such as innovative biologics treatment medicine, R&D activities will be benefited. We also expect growth ...

China Property | Sector Update

China property market has faced different challenges over the past years. Policymakers have shifted their policy stance to supporting property developers. We believe that this can boost market confidence and ...

China Clean Energy | Sector Update

China solar companies have been a key beneficiary given their dominant role in the solar products supply chain. Demand for wind power is also strong with China’s new orders hitting ...

China Cosmetics Industry

Cosmetic is a unique category with discretionary or luxury element as many women are willing to pay a premium for a ‘Chanel lipstick’ for instance

Global X Asia Semiconductor ETF

Global X Asia Semiconductor ETF enables investors to access high growth potential through companies involved in the development and production of semiconductors in Asia.

Global X China Games and Entertainment ETF

Global X China Games & Entertainment ETF enables investors to access high growth potential through companies positioned to benefit from rising demand for games and entertainment in China.

Thematic Growth ETFs

Global X Thematic ETFs look beyond traditional geographic or sector exposures, targeting companies poised to benefit from structural shifts.

China Short Form Video Industry

Short-form video (SFV) apps, which allow users to create videos in 15 seconds to several minutes, started to gain traction emerged as a new online

China IaaS Landscape

Currently, IaaS is the major constituent of China’s public cloud market, as it is usually the first layer for customers’ cloud deployment.

China’s Autonomous Driving Industry

 Industry overview To discover investment opportunities around autonomous driving, we must first understand the basic architecture and key players in each segment. A complete system requires intelligence at three ...

Emerging Consumer Trend in China: Guochao

 Q1. What is the emerging consumer trend in China? The rise of homegrown Chinese brand seems to be one of the strongest trends in China. “Guochao” has become a ...

Foundry Competition Race

 Q: What is a foundry? A: In the Semiconductor industry, a semiconductor fabrication plant is commonly called a fab or a foundry.  It is basically a factory where integrated ...

China’s Biotech Revolution

 Q1: What are biologic drugs? Biological drugs refer to products derived from living organisms or parts of living organisms, such as proteins, vaccines, blood components, and genes. A biologic ...

The Next Frontier for Solar-grade Wafer

   Q1: What was happening in solar upstream in the last decade? Solar upstream consists of solar-grade polysilicon and wafer. Mass-production of solar-grade polysilicon started in early 2000s when ...

China’s Endeavor in Chipmaking

   Q1: Why does China want to develop its own semiconductor industry? China is the largest purchaser of semiconductor globally but has small presence in the supply side. China ...

Solar Grid Parity

   Q1: When will solar grid parity be achieved? It was very astonishing to see the world’s lowest tariff for a solar power plant in the United Arab Emirates ...

E-Learning Sees Surge in Demand in China

   Q1: Why do you believe the COVID-19 pandemic could be a trigger point for online education growth? Schools in China had been closed for a few months since ...

China Market Rally

Investor sentiment towards Chinese stocks has gradually improved since the beginning of the year, and many investment themes are showing signs of rebound. Recently, China’s February CPI data achieved positive… By Global X Team

NVIDIA’s Quarterly Revenue

On February 22, Nvidia reported its latest quarterly earnings, surpassing market expectations and once again showcasing its dominance in the emerging AI chip industry. The Global X Innovative Bluechip Top… By Global X Team

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