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Exploring a range of subjects as diverse as our product lineup.

Monthly Commentary on Key Themes – Oct 2023

[2837] Global X Hang Seng Tech ETF Hang Seng Tech Index recorded a 6.2% loss in September, with oil prices surging and US Treasury yields reaching a historical high. The… By Global X Research

Monthly Commentary on Key Themes – Sept 2023

[2845/9845] Global X China EV & Battery ETF Battery production to grow in July: According to the China Automotive Battery Innovation Alliance (CABIA), China’s power battery installation reached 32.2GWh in… By Global X Research

Monthly Commentary on Key Themes – Aug 2023

[2845/9845]  Global X China EV & Battery ETF According to the China Passenger Car Association (CPCA) data, the July China passenger car vehicle wholesale volume was 2.10mn units (-4.3% MoM/… By Global X Research

Monthly Commentary on Key Themes – July 2023

[2845/9845] Global X China EV & Battery ETF Battery production to grow in June: China’s power battery installation reached 28.2GWh in May 2023, up 12.3% MoM and 52.1% YoY. In… By Global X Research

Monthly Commentary on Key Themes – June 2023

[2826/9826] Global X China Cloud Computing ETF According to the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, China’s software and IT service revenues were up 10.9% year-on-year (YoY) in April 2023,… By Global X Research

The Emergence of Cloud Gaming

As global internet and cloud computing infrastructure continues to improve, cloud gaming (or Gaming-as-a-Service) has emerged to become a new online gaming format. Traditionally, games run locally on a user’s… By Celia Qiu

The Future of Camera Technology

In this article, we will explore the latest development in camera technology, as well as key players in the industry. Significance of Camera Technology Cameras are the eyes of computers.… By Edward Chan

The Race of China’s Autonomous Vehicles

In this article, we will examine the advantages & weaknesses of the autonomous vehicle industry in China. We will also look at the strategy and progress of leading Chinese solution… By Edward Chan

China: the Road to Autonomous Driving

Autonomous driving is one of the most exciting fields in the next decade. Breakthrough in Artificial Intelligence (AI), build-out of 5G network and advancement in semiconductor technology are leading us… By Edward Chan

The Rise of China AI Computer Vision Industry

Computer vision is the largest Artificial Intelligence (AI) sub-segment globally in terms of patents filed and thus a key driver of China’s AI industry. Advancement in computing power both at… By Edward Chan

Lens into the Chinese Laser Industry

Since the invention of laser over 50 years ago, the technology has revolutionized to a broad range of applications and products across industries. The laser industry now has a complete… By Mirae Asset Asia Pacific Research

The Hang Seng TECH Strategy, Explained

Discover the benefits of investing in the Hang Seng TECH Index's high growth business and how they capture opportunities in : Cloud, Digital, E-Commerce, FinTech, Internet, or autonomous activities.

Global X China Biotech ETF (2820) │ Sector Update

As China’s “zero-Covid” policy exit and ageing problem continue, we believe several products and areas such as innovative biologics treatment medicine, R&D activities will be benefited. We also expect growth ...

China Property | Sector Update

China property market has faced different challenges over the past years. Policymakers have shifted their policy stance to supporting property developers. We believe that this can boost market confidence and ...

China Clean Energy | Sector Update

China solar companies have been a key beneficiary given their dominant role in the solar products supply chain. Demand for wind power is also strong with China’s new orders hitting ...

China Cosmetics Industry

Cosmetic is a unique category with discretionary or luxury element as many women are willing to pay a premium for a ‘Chanel lipstick’ for instance

Global X Asia Semiconductor ETF

Global X Asia Semiconductor ETF enables investors to access high growth potential through companies involved in the development and production of semiconductors in Asia.

Global X China Games and Entertainment ETF

Global X China Games & Entertainment ETF enables investors to access high growth potential through companies positioned to benefit from rising demand for games and entertainment in China.

Thematic Growth ETFs

Global X Thematic ETFs look beyond traditional geographic or sector exposures, targeting companies poised to benefit from structural shifts.

China Short Form Video Industry

Short-form video (SFV) apps, which allow users to create videos in 15 seconds to several minutes, started to gain traction emerged as a new online

China IaaS Landscape

Currently, IaaS is the major constituent of China’s public cloud market, as it is usually the first layer for customers’ cloud deployment.

China’s Autonomous Driving Industry

 Industry overview To discover investment opportunities around autonomous driving, we must first understand the basic architecture and key players in each segment. A complete system requires intelligence at three ...

Emerging Consumer Trend in China: Guochao

 Q1. What is the emerging consumer trend in China? The rise of homegrown Chinese brand seems to be one of the strongest trends in China. “Guochao” has become a ...

Foundry Competition Race

 Q: What is a foundry? A: In the Semiconductor industry, a semiconductor fabrication plant is commonly called a fab or a foundry.  It is basically a factory where integrated ...

China’s Biotech Revolution

 Q1: What are biologic drugs? Biological drugs refer to products derived from living organisms or parts of living organisms, such as proteins, vaccines, blood components, and genes. A biologic ...

The Next Frontier for Solar-grade Wafer

   Q1: What was happening in solar upstream in the last decade? Solar upstream consists of solar-grade polysilicon and wafer. Mass-production of solar-grade polysilicon started in early 2000s when ...

China’s Endeavor in Chipmaking

   Q1: Why does China want to develop its own semiconductor industry? China is the largest purchaser of semiconductor globally but has small presence in the supply side. China ...

Solar Grid Parity

   Q1: When will solar grid parity be achieved? It was very astonishing to see the world’s lowest tariff for a solar power plant in the United Arab Emirates ...

E-Learning Sees Surge in Demand in China

   Q1: Why do you believe the COVID-19 pandemic could be a trigger point for online education growth? Schools in China had been closed for a few months since ...

China Market Rally

Investor sentiment towards Chinese stocks has gradually improved since the beginning of the year, and many investment themes are showing signs of rebound. Recently, China’s February CPI data achieved positive… By Global X Team

NVIDIA’s Quarterly Revenue

On February 22, Nvidia reported its latest quarterly earnings, surpassing market expectations and once again showcasing its dominance in the emerging AI chip industry. The Global X Innovative Bluechip Top… By Global X Team

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