Global X China Semiconductor ETF

3191 HKD / 9191 USD

Important Information

Investors should not base investment decisions on this website alone. Please refer to the Prospectus for details including the product features and the risk factors. Investment involves risks. There is no guarantee of the repayment of the principal. Investors should note:

  • Global X China Semiconductor ETF’s (the “Fund’s”) investment in equity securities is subject to general market risks, whose value may fluctuate due to various factors, such as changes in investment sentiment, political and economic conditions and issuer-specific factors.
  • Semiconductor industry may be affected by particular economic or market events, such as domestic and international competition pressures, rapid obsolescence of products, the economic performance of the customers of semiconductor companies and capital equipment expenditures. These companies rely on significant spending on research and development that may cause the value of securities of all companies within this sector of the market to deteriorate.
  • China is an emerging market. The Fund invests in Chinese companies which may involve increased risks and special considerations not typically associated with investments in more developed markets, such as liquidity risk, currency risks, political risk, legal and taxation risks, and the likelihood of a high degree of volatility.
  • The trading price of the Fund’s unit (the “Unit”) on the Stock Exchange of Hong Kong is driven by market factors such as demand and supply of the Unit. Therefore, the Units may trade at a substantial premium or discount to the Fund’s net asset value.

Fund Objective

The investment objective of the Sub-Fund is to provide investment results that, before fees and expenses, closely correspond to the performance of the FactSet China Semiconductor Index (the “Index”).

Why Invest ?

High Growth Potential

Global X China Semiconductor ETF enables investors to access high growth potential through companies involved in the production of semiconductors in China

Targeted Exposure

The fund delivers targeted exposure to semiconductor companies in China

ETF Efficiency

In a single trade, the fund delivers access to dozens of Chinese semiconductor companies

Near Real Time Estimated NAV per Share 1

-- $ -- $ --
-- $ -- $ --

Daily NAV per Share3As of 16 Sep 2021

NAV Change % Change
Official NAV per Share in RMB $51.85 $-1.52 -2.85%
NAV per Share in HKD7 $62.55 $-1.84 -2.85%
NAV per Share in USD7 $8.03 $-0.24 -2.85%

Performance As of 16 Sep 2021

Returns Fund Benchmark
1Mo -9.16% -9.16%
3Mo 8.53% 8.69%
6Mo 22.45% 22.93%
1Yr 22.03% 22.97%
YTD 11.14% 11.69%
Since Inception 3.69% 6.56%
Past Performance Fund Benchmark
2020^ -4.59% -4.45%
2019 - -
2018 - -
2017 - -
2016 - -
2015 - -
2014 - -
2013 - -
2012 - -
2011 - -
2010 - -

^ Since listing date to end of calendar year

Source: Mirae Asset Global Investments (Hong Kong) Limited.
• Past performance information is not indicative of future performance. Investors may not get back the full amount invested.
• The computation basis of the performance is based on the calendar year end, NAV-to-NAV, with dividend reinvested.
• These figures show by how much the Sub-Fund increased or decreased in value during the calendar year shown.
• Performance data has been calculated in RMB including ongoing charges and excluding trading costs on SEHK you might have to pay.
• Where no past performance is shown there was insufficient data available in that year to provide performance.
• The Index of the Fund is Factset China Semiconductor Index.
• The Fund launch date : 6 August 2020

Fund Details As of 16 Sep 2021

Fund Information

Fund Inception Date 06 Aug 2020
SEHK Listing Date 07 Aug 2020
Fiscal Year Ending 31 Mar
Ongoing Charges Over A Year 9 0.68%
Management Fee 0.50%
Distribution Frequency Annually at the Manager's discretion (May in each year).

Index Information 4

Underlying Index FactSet China Semiconductor Index8
Index Type Net Total Return
Base Currency RMB
Closing Level 224.20
Change -6.59
Change % -2.86%

Trading Information

Exchange Hong Kong Stock Exchange
Stock Code 3191
ISIN HK0000637832
Board Lot Size 50 Units
Trading Currency HKD
Total Net Asset Value $1,357,250,846.35
Oustanding Units 21,700,000
Exchange Hong Kong Stock Exchange
Stock Code 9191
ISIN HK0000637824
Board Lot Size 50 Units
Trading Currency USD
Total Net Asset Value $174,357,558.65
Oustanding Units 21,700,000

Fund Documents

Key Documents

Monthly Returns

    Announcements / Notices

  • 31 Aug 2021 - Announcement – Changes of Fee Structure (Global X Exchange Traded Funds Series OFC) 
  • 9 Jun 2021 - Notice to Shareholders – Appointment of Yuanta Securities (Hong Kong) Company Limited as Participating Dealer 
  • 25 Mar 2021 - Notice to Unitholders 
  • 8 Mar 2021 - Notice to Unitholders 
  • 22 Dec 2020 - Notice to Unitholders 
  • Historical Record

Market Makers5

  • Flow Traders Hong Kong Limited
  • Mirae Asset Securities (HK) Limited

Participating dealers 6

  • Haitong International Securities Company Limited
  • Mirae Asset Securities (HK) Limited
  • Yuanta Securities (Hong Kong) Company Limited

Holdings Overview

As of 16 Sep 2021
Total Net Asset Value (in HKD) Total Net Asset Value (in USD) Number of Securities Securities (%) Cash and Cash Equivalent (%)
$1,357,250,846.35 $174,357,558.65 25 99.76 0.24

Daily Holdings

As of 16 Sep 2021
Name of Securities Exchange Ticker Exchange Market Price (in RMB) Number of Shares Held Market Value (in RMB) Net Assets %
TONGFANG GUOXIN ELECTRONIC 002049 C2 Shenzhen $196.90 470,188 $92,580,017.20 8.23%
NAURA TECHNOLOGY GROUP CO 002371 C2 Shenzhen $358.03 243,404 $87,145,934.12 7.75%
SANAN OPTOELECTRONICS CO L 600703 C1 Shanghai $32.29 2,457,240 $79,344,279.60 7.05%
GIGADEVICE SEMICONDUCTOR B 603986 C1 Shanghai $147.90 494,527 $73,140,543.30 6.50%
MAXSCEND MICROELECTRONICS 300782 C2 Shenzhen $333.51 203,480 $67,862,614.80 6.03%
WINGTECH TECHNOLOGY CO LTD 600745 C1 Shanghai $97.57 645,446 $62,976,166.22 5.60%
BOE TECHNOLOGY GROUP CO LT 000725 C2 Shenzhen $5.70 10,971,600 $62,538,120.00 5.56%
WILL SEMICONDUCTER LTD 603501 C1 Shanghai $227.00 257,721 $58,502,667.00 5.20%
SEMICONDUCTOR MANUFACTURING 981 HK Hong Kong $18.57 3,118,000 $57,892,535.86 5.15%
ADVANCED MICRO-FABRICATION 688012 C1 Shanghai $159.69 338,759 $54,096,424.71 4.81%
MONTAGE TECHNOLOGY CO LTD 688008 C1 Shanghai $55.31 864,280 $47,803,326.80 4.25%
ZHEJIANG JINGSHENG MECHANI 300316 C2 Shenzhen $69.50 684,396 $47,565,522.00 4.23%
HANGZHOU SILAN MICROELECTR 600460 C1 Shanghai $54.51 857,089 $46,719,921.39 4.15%
JIANGSU CHANGJIANG ELECTRONI 600584 C1 Shanghai $32.02 1,373,039 $43,964,708.78 3.91%
SG MICRO CORP 300661 C2 Shenzhen $305.74 142,950 $43,705,533.00 3.88%
RAYTRON TECHNOLOGY CO LTD 688002 C1 Shanghai $84.90 406,017 $34,470,843.30 3.06%
TIANSHUI HUATIAN TECHNOLOG 002185 C2 Shenzhen $12.38 2,366,589 $29,298,371.82 2.60%
ASM PACIFIC TECHNOLOGY 522 HK Hong Kong $74.27 360,600 $26,781,332.18 2.38%
HUA HONG SEMICONDUCTOR LTD 1347 HK Hong Kong $32.66 602,429 $19,674,356.47 1.75%
MLS CO LTD 002745 C2 Shenzhen $16.45 1,004,542 $16,524,715.90 1.47%
SHENZHEN GOODIX TECHNOLOGY 603160 C1 Shanghai $101.90 155,165 $15,811,313.50 1.41%
ZHEJIANG HANGKE TECHNOLOGY 688006 C1 Shanghai $90.30 171,438 $15,480,851.40 1.38%
TONGFU MICROELECTRONIC CO 002156 C2 Shenzhen $18.96 790,501 $14,987,898.96 1.33%
JIANGSU JIEJIE MICROELECTR 300623 C2 Shenzhen $28.49 420,851 $11,990,044.99 1.07%
VISIONOX TECHNOLOGY INC 002387 C2 Shenzhen $9.10 1,261,391 $11,478,658.10 1.02%
Holdings are subject to change. Cash, where shown, includes other assets and liabilities, such as payables and receivables.

Tracking Difference/Error

Tracking Difference / Tracking Error

Tracking Difference
* Tracking difference is the return difference between the Fund and the Underlying Index over a certain period of time.
Tracking Error
* Tracking error measures how consistently the Fund follows the Underlying Index. It is the volatility (measured by standard deviation) of that return difference.

Tracking Difference (TD)

Fund Listing Date:7 Aug 2020

Rolling 1 Year TD: N/A

Tracking Error (TE)

Fund Listing Date:7 Aug 2020

Rolling 1 Year TE^ :N/A%

^ Annualized based on the number of dealing days in the past year when daily TD is calculated.

Graph for Tracking Difference

* ETFs performance is calculated on an NAV to NAV basis and assumes reinvestment of distribution.


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