Mirae Asset Debuts Hong Kong’s First Actively Managed ETF on China Equities Across Innovation Sectors and a Passive ETF on China Global Leaders

Accessing high-growth potential through multiple innovative themes that are transforming the Chinese economy; providing exposure to the leading Chinese companies with a global presence and a track record as globally competitive players.

March 11, 2021, Hong Kong –Mirae Asset Global Investments (“Mirae Asset”) today announced the launch of Global X China Innovator Active ETF, the first China equities active ETF listed in Hong Kong, and Global X China Global Leaders ETF in Hong Kong.

The two China-focused ETFs will enable both retail and institutional investors to tap into the high-growth potential of the innovative and disruptive themes that are transforming the Chinese economy, as well as the leading Chinese companies with an extensive global presence.

Units for the two ETFs begin trading today on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange (“HKEx”) in HK dollars. The “Global X China Innovator Active ETF” has the stock code of 3058 (HKD) and the stock code for “Global X China Global Leaders ETF” is 3050 (HKD).

Global X China Innovator Active ETF seeks long-term capital growth by investing in Chinese innovative leaders that are involved in multiple disruptive themes with sustainable competitiveness and strong future earnings growth. China’s innovation capabilities are growing rapidly, underpinned by a highly educated workforce, new consumption demand from the expanding middle class, and a greater focus on sustainability. With an aging population, innovation will be the key in responding to China’s productivity challenge and the new momentum powering the next wave of China’s economic growth. Actively managed by a research-driven investment team, the ETF seeks to capture the growth of Chinese innovators. In one single trade, it delivers access to around 40 Chinese innovative companies across multiple disruptive themes. As an active ETF, the fund combines the advantages of active management with the benefits of ETFs such as transparency, convenience and cost-efficiency.

Global X China Global Leaders ETF seeks to replicate the FactSet China Global Leaders Index, tracking the performance of securities of Chinese companies identified as “Global Leaders”. Headquartered or incorporated in Mainland China, Hong Kong or Macau, “Global Leaders” are companies that have demonstrated the capability to maintain a global presence and a track record as globally competitive players within their respective industries. China’s status in the global economy remained pivotal as the leader of global exports despite the impacts of the pandemic. As China is advancing its tech capital and infrastructure, China’s manufacturers have rapidly moved up the value chain and many have achieved global competitiveness and growing market share in medium and high-tech manufacturing. China is continuing to integrate deeper into global supply chains with recent trade agreement signed with its key trading partners. This allows its globally leading companies to continue successfully competing on the world stage.

Jung Ho RHEE, Chief Executive Officer of Mirae Asset Global Investments (HK) Ltd., said, “Innovation and technological development play a critical role in China’s economic growth and transformation. The launch of the two ETFs unites Mirae Asset’s strong product innovation, research capability and expertise in thematic investing. Investors will be able to unlock China’s high growth potential in a cost-efficient manner and also access the power of active management, at a time when many of China’s leading companies are growing significantly at home and abroad.”

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