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Important Information

Investors should not base investment decisions on this website alone. Please refer to the Prospectus for details including product features and the risk factors. Investment involves risks. Past performance is not indicative of future performance. There is no guarantee of the repayment of the principal. Investors should note:

  • Global X USD Money Market ETF’s (the “Fund’s”) objective is to invest in short term deposits and high quality money market investments. The Fund seeks to achieve a return in USD in line with prevailing money market rate.
  • The purchase of a Unit in the Fund is not the same as placing funds on deposit with a bank or deposit-taking company. The Fund does not guarantee principal and the Manager has no obligation to realise the Units at the offer value. The Fund does not have a constant NAV. The Fund is not subject to the supervision of the Hong Kong Monetary Authority.
  • The Fund employs an actively managed investment strategy. It may fail to meet its objective as a result of the Manager’s selection of investments, and/or the implementation of processes which may cause the Fund to underperform as compared to prevailing money market rates or other money market funds with a similar objective.
  • The Fund seeks to achieve a return in USD in line with prevailing money market rates. The factors influencing interest rates, and in turn the performance of money market instruments include, amongst other things, monetary policy, fiscal policy and inflation. If the prevailing money market rates become negative, the Fund will suffer a loss. Moreover, if prevailing interest rate is at a low level, the Fund may also produce a negative return over a given period of time, as ongoing charges of the Fund may be higher than the interests received by the Fund.
  • Risks associated with short-term debt securities / money market instruments include Short-term debt instruments risk, Credit / Counterparty risk, Interest rate risk, Sovereign debt risk, Credit rating risk, Credit rating agency risk, Downgrading risk and Valuation risk.
  • The Fund will invest primarily in USD-denominated and settled short-term deposits, high quality money market instruments (including debt securities). The Fund is therefore likely to be more volatile than a broad-based fund that adopts a more diversified strategy. The value of the Fund may be more susceptible to adverse economic, political, policy, foreign exchange, liquidity, tax, legal or regulatory event affecting the USD market.
  • Investors of Listed and Unlisted Classes of Units are subject to different pricing, trading hours in the secondary market, dealing deadlines and dealing arrangements. In a stressed market scenario, investors of the Unlisted Classes of Units could realise their Units at NAV while investors of the Listed Class of Units in the secondary market could only realise at the prevailing market price (which may diverge from the corresponding NAV) and may have to exit the Sub-Fund at a significant discount.
  • For Listed Class of Units, the transaction fee and the duties and charges in respect of creation and realisation applications are paid by the participating dealer applying for or realising such units and/or the Manager. Investors of Listed Class of Units in the secondary market may bear other fees, such as SEHK trading fees. On the other hand, investors of Unlisted Class of Units may be subject to a subscription fee and realisation fee respectively. Any or all of these factors may lead to a difference in the NAV of the Listed Class of Units and Unlisted Class of Units.
  • Underlying investments of the Fund may be denominated in currencies other than the base currency of the Fund.
  • The trading price of the Fund unit on the Stock Exchange of Hong Kong is driven by market factors such as the demand and supply of the Units. Therefore, the Units may trade at a substantial premium or discount to the Fund’s net asset value.
  • Payments of distributions out of capital and/or effectively out of capital amounts to a return or withdrawal of part of an investor’s original investment or from any capital gains attributable to that original investment. Any such distributions involving payment of dividends out of capital or effectively out of capital of the Fund may result in an immediate reduction in the NAV per Unit of the Fund and will reduce the capital available for the Fund’s future investment.

Why Invest ?

High Income Potential

Potentially increasing a portfolio's yield, Global X USD Money Market ETF accesses to high quality money market investments around the world.

High Convenience

With a single trade of the Global X USD Money Market ETF, investors can easily access to competitive yield, avoiding complicated bank account opening processes.

ETF Efficiency

The fund offers a diversified portfolio with daily liquidity at a competitive cost.

Fund InformationAs of 1 Dec 2023

Fund Inception Date 28 Jun 2023
SEHK Listing Date 29 Jun 2023
Fiscal Year Ending 31 Mar
Ongoing Charges Over A Year 0.45%
Distribution Frequency Annually (usually in Septemeber of each year) at the Manager’s discretion.*
* The Manager may, at its discretion, pay distributions out of capital or effectively out of capital as well as income at the Manager’s discretion. Any distributions involving payment of distributions out of capital or effectively out of capital of the Global X USD Money Market ETF may result in an immediate reduction in the Net Asset Value of the Global X USD Money Market ETF.

ETF Objective

The Fund’s objective is to invest in short term deposits and high quality money market investments. Global X USD Money Market ETF seeks to achieve a return in USD in line with prevailing money market rate.

Trading InformationAs of 1 Dec 2023

Exchange Hong Kong Stock Exchange
Stock Code 3137
ISIN HK0000921236
Management Fee 0.35%
Board Lot Size 1 Unit
Trading Currency HKD
Base Currency USD
Total Net Asset Value(HKD) $159,739,662.68
Outstanding Units 160,000

Near Real Time Estimated NAV per Unit2

-- $ --
-- $ --

* Market prices are provided on a 15-minute delayed basis by ICE Data Services. (See terms and conditions)

Daily NAV per Unit3As of 1 Dec 2023

NAV Change % Change
Official NAV per Unit in USD $127.75 $0.02 0.02%
NAV per Unit in HKD 1 $998.37 $0.16 0.02%


Cumulative Return Fund NAV (%) Benchmark (%)
1 Mth - -
3 Mths - -
6 Mths - -
1 Yr - -
YTD - -
Since Inception - -
Calendar Year Return Fund NAV (%) Benchmark (%)
Source: Mirae Asset Global Investments (Hong Kong) Limited.
• Past performance information is not indicative of future performance. Investors may not get back the full amount invested.
• The computation basis of the performance is based on the calendar year end, NAV-to-NAV, with dividend reinvested.
• These figures show by how much the Fund increased or decreased in value during the calendar year shown.
• Performance data has been calculated in HKD including ongoing charges and excluding trading costs on SEHK you might have to pay.
• Where no past performance is shown there was insufficient data available in that year to provide performance.
• Fund launch date: 29 Jun 2023

Holdings Overview As of 1 Dec 2023

Total Net Asset Value (in HKD) Total Net Asset Value (in USD) Number of Securities Bonds & Deposits Cash (%)
159,739,662.68 20,440,135.98 23 99.63 0.37

Top SecuritiesAs of 1 Dec 2023

Type Name ISIN Market Price (in HKD) Market Value (in HKD) Net Assets (%)
Deposit USD Term deposit 5.35% 27/12/2023 -- -- 23,774,374.04 14.88
Deposit USD Term deposit 5.1% 01/12/2023 -- -- 12,451,037.28 7.79
Deposit USD Term deposit 5.25% 01/12/2023 -- -- 9,771,779.02 6.12
Deposit USD Term deposit 5.33% 05/12/2023 -- -- 8,394,499.99 5.26
Deposit USD Term deposit 5.51% 27/12/2023 -- -- 7,929,837.05 4.96
Deposit USD Term deposit 5.54% 27/03/2024 -- -- 7,918,652.92 4.96
Deposit USD Term deposit 5.73% 16/01/2024 -- -- 7,890,371.30 4.94
Bond BK OF COMMUNICATIONS/SG 5% 02/01/2024 -- -- 7,805,673.19 4.89
Bond ICBCAS 0% 01/23/2024 -- -- 7,749,661.13 4.85
Bond BANK OF CHINA/SYDNEY 0% 02/29/2024 -- -- 7,706,918.55 4.82
Deposit USD Term deposit 5.53% 18/12/2023 -- -- 7,099,161.00 4.44
Bond ICBCAS 5.5% 09/05/2024 -- -- 6,231,681.39 3.90
Deposit USD Term deposit 5.7% 26/01/2024 -- -- 5,610,177.81 3.51
Deposit USD Term deposit 5.72% 30/01/2024 -- -- 5,507,714.56 3.45
Deposit USD Term deposit 5.52% 01/02/2024 -- -- 5,470,500.00 3.42
Bond BK OF COMMUNICATIONS/SG 5.885% 02/02/2024 -- -- 4,690,547.37 2.94
Bond BANCO SANTANDER SA 3.892% 05/24/2024 -- -- 4,258,125.84 2.67
Deposit USD Term deposit 5.42% 18/12/2023 -- -- 4,072,254.97 2.55
Deposit USD Term deposit 5.62% 06/12/2023 -- -- 3,963,620.37 2.48
Bond BANK OF CHINA/TOKYO 0% 05/30/2024 -- -- 3,793,440.08 2.37
Deposit USD Term deposit 5.5% 01/12/2023 -- -- 2,864,195.31 1.79
Bond TREASURY BILL 0% 12/05/2023 -- -- 2,343,128.78 1.47
Deposit USD Term deposit 5.6% 01/02/2024 -- -- 1,852,928.45 1.16
Holdings are subject to change. Cash, where shown, includes other assets and liabilities, such as payables and receivables.

ETF Characteristics

Average maturity 50.53 Days
Portfolio allocation breakdown  
Bonds 27.91%
Deposits 71.72%
Portfolio yield* 5.49%
Source: Mirae Asset Global Investments (Hong Kong) Limited.
* The portfolio yield is an estimated yield calculated as the annualized sum of the yield to maturity of each instrument in our portfolio, multiplied by the weight of the instrument

Market Makers 4

Flow Traders Hong Kong Limited

Mirae Asset Securities Co., Ltd

Participating Dealers 5

China Merchants Securities (HK) Co., Limited

Citigroup Global Markets Asia Limited

Haitong International Securities Company Limited

Mirae Asset Securities (HK) Limited

SinoPac Securities (Asia) Limited

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