Global X Hang Seng ESG ETF

Morningstar Sustainability RatingTM - Out of 2,473 Greater China Equity funds as of 31/12/2022

3029 HKD

Important Information

Investors should not base investment decisions on this website/material alone. Please refer to the Prospectus for details including product features and the risk factors. Investment involves risks. There is no guarantee of the repayment of the principal. Investors should note:

  • Global X Hang Seng ESG ETF (the “Fund”) invests in equity securities to provide investment results that, before deduction of fees and expenses, closely correspond to the performance of the HSI ESG Enhanced Index (the “Underlying Index”).  The Fund is subject to general market risks and may fall in value and there is no guarantee of the repayment of principal.
  • The Underlying Index is a new index. It has minimal operating history by which investors can evaluate its previous performance. There can be no assurance as to the performance of the Underlying Index. The Fund may be riskier than other exchange traded funds tracking more established indices with longer operating history.
  • The Fund’s investments may be concentrated in companies with a greater ESG focus and thus its value may be more volatile than that of a fund with having a more diverse portfolio of investments.  In addition, there is a lack of standardised taxonomy in relation to ESG investing strategies. The standard of disclosure adopted by funds in relation to the relevant ESG factors or principles may vary.
  • The Underlying Index is subject to concentration risk as a result of tracking the performance of securities of companies listed on the SEHK which are incorporated in, or with the majority of revenue derived from, or with a principal place of business in, the Greater China region. The Net Asset Value of the Fund is therefore likely to be more volatile than a broad-based fund.
  • The Fund may be subject to tracking error risk, which is the risk that its performance may not track that of the Underlying Index exactly.  The Underlying Index is a new index and the Fund may be riskier than other exchange traded funds tracking more established indices with longer operating history.
  • The trading price of the Fund unit (the “Unit”) on the Stock Exchange of Hong Kong is driven by market factors such as demand and supply of the Unit. Therefore, the Units may trade at a substantial premium or discount to the Fund’s net asset value.
  • Dividends may be paid from capital or effectively out of capital of the Fund, which may amount to a return or withdrawal of part of an investor’s original investment or from any capital gains attributable to that original investment and result in an immediate reduction in the Net Asset Value per Unit of the Fund.
  • The Fund’s synthetic replication strategy will involve investing up to 50% of its net asset value in financial derivative instruments (“FDIs”), mainly funded total return swap transaction(s) through one or more counterparty(ies). Risks associated with FDIs include counterparty/credit risk, liquidity risk, valuation risk, volatility risk and over-the-counter transaction risk. FDIs are susceptible to price fluctuations and higher volatility, and may have large bid and offer spreads and no active secondary markets. The leverage element/component of an FDI can result in a loss significantly greater than the amount invested in the FDI by the Sub-Fund.

Why Invest ?

The Hang Seng Index Enhanced by ESG

Global X Hang Seng ESG ETF applies a rules-based ESG tilting and exclusion methodology to the Hang Seng Index to reduce the Index ESG Risk Rating by 20% and carbon intensity by 60%.^

^ Reduction in Index ESG Risk Rating compared to the Hang Seng Index and reduction in carbon intensity in tons Co2e/$ Millions of revenue compared to the Hang Seng Index as of 17 January 2022.

Rigorously Researched

The Fund employs research and data from globally leading ESG research companies to assess constituents’ sustainability profiles and to implement a 3-step exclusion methodology to screen out constituents with the highest ESG risk ratings, breach the United Nations Global Compact Principles or are involved in controversial products.

ETF Efficiency

In a single trade, the Fund delivers access to dozens of Hong Kong’s most sustainable companies at a single management fee of 0.29%.

Fund InformationAs of 1 Jun 2023

Fund Inception Date 18 Mar 2022
SEHK Listing Date 21 Mar 2022
Fiscal Year Ending 31 Mar
Ongoing Charges Over A Year ^ 0.29%
Distribution Frequency Annually at the Manager's discretion (May in each year).
^ The Fund adopts a single management fee structure, whereby a single flat fee will be paid out of the assets of the Fund to cover all of the costs, fees and expenses of the Fund. Click to learn more.

Index Information 1 As of 1 Jun 2023

Underlying Index HSI ESG Enhanced Index 2
Index Type Net Total Return
Base Currency HKD
Closing Level 4,785.91
Change 1.36
Change % 0.03%

ETF Objective

The Fund is a passive ETF and seeks to provide investment results that, before deduction of fees and expenses, closely correspond to the performance of the HSI ESG Enhanced Index.

Trading InformationAs of 1 Jun 2023

Exchange Hong Kong Stock Exchange
Stock Code 3029
ISIN HK0000838240
Board Lot Size 50 Units
Trading Currency HKD
Total Net Asset Value $24,639,139.93
Outstanding Units 6,000,000

Near Real Time Estimated NAV per Unit3

-- $ --
-- $ --

* Market prices are provided on a 15-minute delayed basis by ICE Data Services. (See terms and conditions)

Daily NAV per Unit4As of 1 Jun 2023

NAV Change % Change
Official NAV per Unit in HKD $3.73 $0.00 0.03%

Performance As of 1 Jun 2023

Cumulative Return Fund NAV (%) Benchmark (%)
1 Mth -9.66 -9.70
3 Mths -14.44 -14.42
6 Mths -4.48 -4.16
1 Yr -14.95 -14.57
YTD -10.70 -10.60
Since Inception -17.06 -10.23
Calendar Year Return Fund NAV (%) Benchmark (%)
2022^ -5.63 -5.27
2021 - -
2020 - -
2019 - -
^ Since listing date to the end of the calendar year.
Source: Mirae Asset Global Investments (Hong Kong) Limited.
• Past performance information is not indicative of future performance. Investors may not get back the full amount invested.
• The computation basis of the performance is based on the calendar year end, NAV-to-NAV, with dividend reinvested.
• These figures show by how much the Sub-Fund increased or decreased in value during the calendar year shown.
• Performance data has been calculated in HKD including ongoing charges and excluding trading costs on HKEx you might have to pay.
• Where no past performance is shown there was insufficient data available in that year to provide performance.
• The Index of the Fund is HSI ESG Enhanced Index.
• Fund launch date: 18 Mar 2022

Holdings Overview As of 1 Jun 2023

Total Net Asset Value (in HKD) Number of Securities Securities (%) Cash and Cash Equivalent (%)
24,639,139.93 64 99.27 0.73

Daily HoldingsAs of 1 Jun 2023

Name of Securities Exchange Ticker Exchange Market Price (in HKD) Number of Shares Held Market Value (in HKD) Net Assets (%)
HSBC HOLDINGS PLC 5 HK Hong Kong 57.35 35,623 2,042,979.05 9.13
TENCENT HOLDINGS LTD 700 HK Hong Kong 315.40 5,827 1,837,835.80 8.21
AIA GROUP LTD 1299 HK Hong Kong 75.20 24,037 1,807,582.40 8.08
HONG KONG EXCHANGES & CLEAR 388 HK Hong Kong 291.00 5,915 1,721,265.00 7.69
PING AN INSURANCE GROUP CO 2318 HK Hong Kong 49.30 27,460 1,353,778.00 6.05
LINK REIT 823 HK Hong Kong 45.80 22,222 1,017,767.60 4.55
WUXI BIOLOGICS CAYMAN INC 2269 HK Hong Kong 41.75 22,605 943,758.75 4.22
SUN HUNG KAI PROPERTIES 16 HK Hong Kong 98.80 7,923 782,792.40 3.50
ALIBABA GROUP HOLDING LTD 9988 HK Hong Kong 77.30 9,337 721,750.10 3.23
NETEASE INC 9999 HK Hong Kong 131.70 4,400 579,480.00 2.59
ANTA SPORTS PRODUCTS LTD 2020 HK Hong Kong 78.60 6,660 523,476.00 2.34
LI NING CO LTD 2331 HK Hong Kong 41.65 11,661 485,680.65 2.17
MEITUAN-CLASS B 3690 HK Hong Kong 112.80 4,037 455,373.60 2.04
CHINA MOBILE LTD 941 HK Hong Kong 63.25 6,843 432,819.75 1.93
XIAOMI CORP-CLASS B 1810 HK Hong Kong 10.26 40,722 417,807.72 1.87
CK ASSET HOLDINGS LTD 1113 HK Hong Kong 43.75 9,175 401,406.25 1.79
LENOVO GROUP LTD 992 HK Hong Kong 7.46 45,545 339,765.70 1.52
CHINA OVERSEAS LAND & INVEST 688 HK Hong Kong 15.70 21,205 332,918.50 1.49
CHINA CONSTRUCTION BANK 939 HK Hong Kong 4.97 63,666 316,420.02 1.41
SANDS CHINA LTD 1928 HK Hong Kong 24.80 12,325 305,660.00 1.37
BYD CO LTD 1211 HK Hong Kong 234.40 1,272 298,156.80 1.33
CHINA RESOURCES LAND LTD 1109 HK Hong Kong 29.05 10,019 291,051.95 1.30
HANG SENG BANK LTD 11 HK Hong Kong 104.60 2,696 282,001.60 1.26
WHARF REAL ESTATE INVESTMENT 1997 HK Hong Kong 38.25 7,248 277,236.00 1.24
SHENZHOU INTERNATIONAL GROUP 2313 HK Hong Kong 61.95 4,460 276,297.00 1.23
GEELY AUTOMOBILE HOLDINGS LT 175 HK Hong Kong 9.01 27,460 247,414.60 1.11
HONG KONG & CHINA GAS 3 HK Hong Kong 7.08 29,443 208,456.44 0.93
MTR CORP 66 HK Hong Kong 35.75 5,582 199,556.50 0.89
BAIDU INC-CLASS A 9888 HK Hong Kong 121.60 1,641 199,545.60 0.89
CHINA RESOURCES MIXC LIFESTY 1209 HK Hong Kong 35.00 5,695 199,325.00 0.89
TECHTRONIC INDUSTRIES CO LTD 669 HK Hong Kong 74.85 2,546 190,568.10 0.85
JD.COM INC - CL A 9618 HK Hong Kong 130.00 1,437 186,810.00 0.83
BUDWEISER BREWING CO APAC LT 1876 HK Hong Kong 19.38 9,267 179,594.46 0.80
COUNTRY GARDEN SERVICES HOLD 6098 HK Hong Kong 8.81 19,168 168,870.08 0.75
LONGFOR GROUP HOLDINGS LTD 960 HK Hong Kong 14.50 10,782 156,339.00 0.70
ZHONGSHENG GROUP HOLDINGS 881 HK Hong Kong 28.15 5,152 145,028.80 0.65
CHOW TAI FOOK JEWELLERY GROU 1929 HK Hong Kong 13.62 10,645 144,984.90 0.65
NEW WORLD DEVELOPMENT 17 HK Hong Kong 18.24 7,883 143,785.92 0.64
IND & COMM BK OF CHINA 1398 HK Hong Kong 4.13 33,804 139,610.52 0.62
HANG LUNG PROPERTIES LTD 101 HK Hong Kong 12.44 10,732 133,506.08 0.60
BOC HONG KONG HOLDINGS LTD 2388 HK Hong Kong 23.05 5,521 127,259.05 0.57
HENDERSON LAND DEVELOPMENT 12 HK Hong Kong 23.50 5,404 126,994.00 0.57
CHINA LIFE INSURANCE CO 2628 HK Hong Kong 13.04 7,188 93,731.52 0.42
BANK OF CHINA LTD 3988 HK Hong Kong 3.05 30,377 92,649.85 0.41
NONGFU SPRING CO LTD 9633 HK Hong Kong 41.60 2,020 84,032.00 0.38
SUNNY OPTICAL TECH 2382 HK Hong Kong 71.50 1,118 79,937.00 0.36
CHINA MERCHANTS BANK 3968 HK Hong Kong 35.55 2,194 77,996.70 0.35
GALAXY ENTERTAINMENT GROUP L 27 HK Hong Kong 47.80 1,556 74,376.80 0.33
CK HUTCHISON HOLDINGS LTD 1 HK Hong Kong 46.65 1,520 70,908.00 0.32
XINYI SOLAR HOLDINGS LTD 968 HK Hong Kong 7.91 8,103 64,094.73 0.29
ENN ENERGY HOLDINGS LTD 2688 HK Hong Kong 95.50 666 63,603.00 0.28
ALIBABA HEALTH INFORMATION T 241 HK Hong Kong 4.63 11,921 55,194.23 0.25
CHINA RESOURCES BEER HOLDING 291 HK Hong Kong 48.15 874 42,083.10 0.19
SEMICONDUCTOR MANUFACTURING 981 HK Hong Kong 19.90 2,032 40,436.80 0.18
COUNTRY GARDEN HOLDINGS CO 2007 HK Hong Kong 1.40 27,745 38,843.00 0.17
CHINA MENGNIU DAIRY CO 2319 HK Hong Kong 29.45 1,267 37,313.15 0.17
HAIER SMART HOME CO LTD 6690 HK Hong Kong 22.35 1,412 31,558.20 0.14
ORIENT OVERSEAS INTL LTD 316 HK Hong Kong 94.10 276 25,971.60 0.12
CSPC PHARMACEUTICAL GROUP LT 1093 HK Hong Kong 6.69 3,649 24,411.81 0.11
CHINA UNICOM HONG KONG LTD 762 HK Hong Kong 5.81 3,532 20,520.92 0.09
HAIDILAO INTERNATIONAL HOLDI 6862 HK Hong Kong 16.18 1,026 16,600.68 0.07
HENGAN INTL GROUP CO LTD 1044 HK Hong Kong 33.05 393 12,988.65 0.06
XINYI GLASS HOLDINGS LTD 868 HK Hong Kong 11.46 1,114 12,766.44 0.06
HANSOH PHARMACEUTICAL GROUP 3692 HK Hong Kong 13.10 561 7,349.10 0.03
Holdings are subject to change. Cash, where shown, includes other assets and liabilities, such as payables and receivables.

Tracking Difference / Error

Tracking Difference / Tracking Error

Tracking Difference
Tracking difference is the return difference between the Fund and the Underlying Index over a certain period of time.
Tracking Error
Tracking error measures how consistently the Fund follows the Underlying Index. It is the volatility (measured by standard deviation) of that return difference.

Tracking Difference (TD)

Fund Listing Date:21 Mar 2022

Estimated Annual TD: -2.00%

TD (Since Listing): N/A%

TD for Calendar Year 2022:-0.36%

Tracking Error (TE)

Fund Listing Date:21 Mar 2022

Rolling 1 Year TE^ :N/A%

^ Annualized based on the number of dealing days in the past year when daily TD is calculated.

Graph for Tracking Difference

ETFs performance is calculated on an NAV to NAV basis and assumes reinvestment of distribution.

Hover over the chart points for details

Market Makers 5

Flow Traders Hong Kong Limited

Mirae Asset Securities Co., Ltd.

Participating Dealers 6

Mirae Asset Securities (HK) Limited

Haitong International Securities Company Limited

Citigroup Global Markets Asia Limited

ABN AMRO Clearing Hong Kong Limited

Barclays Bank PLC

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