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Important Information

Investors should not base investment decisions on this website alone. Please refer to the Prospectus for details including the product features and the risk factors. Investment involves risks. There is no guarantee of the repayment of the principal. Investors should note:

  • Global X FinTech ETF’s (the “Fund’s”) investment in equity securities is subject to general market risks, whose value may fluctuate due to various factors, such as changes in investment sentiment, political and economic conditions and issuer-specific factors.
  • The Fund may invest in small and/or mid-capitalisation companies. The stock of small-capitalisation and mid-capitalisation companies may have lower liquidity and their prices are more volatile to adverse economic developments than those of larger capitalisation companies in general.
  • FinTech companies may be adversely impacted by government regulations, economic conditions and deterioration in credit markets. In addition, many FinTech companies store sensitive consumer information and could be the target of cybersecurity attacks.
  • Many FinTech companies currently operate under less regulatory scrutiny than traditional financial services companies and banks, but there is significant risk that regulatory oversight could increase in the future. Fintech companies may involve in alternative currencies, such as crypto coins and crypto tokens, may face slow adoption rates and be subject to higher levels of regulatory scrutiny in the future.
  • Companies in the information technology sector are subject to rapid changes in technology product cycles, rapid product obsolescence, government regulation, and increased competition. Information technology companies and companies that rely heavily on technology tend to be more volatile than the overall market and also are heavily dependent on patent and intellectual property rights, In addition, information technology companies may have limited product lines, markets, financial resources or personnel.
  • Some securities exchanges may have the right to suspend or limit trading in any security traded on the relevant exchange. The government or the regulators may also implement policies that may affect the financial markets. Some markets may have higher entry barrier for investments as identification number or certificate may have to be obtained for securities trading. All these may have a negative impact on the Fund.
  • The trading price of the Unit (the “Unit”) on the SEHK is driven by market factors such as demand and supply of the Unit. Therefore, the Units may be traded at a substantial premium or discount to the Fund’s net asset value.
  • The Fund’s synthetic replication strategy will involve investing up to 50% of its net asset value in financial derivative instruments (“FDIs”), mainly funded total return swap transaction(s) through one or more counterparty(ies). Risks associated with FDIs include counterparty/credit risk, liquidity risk, valuation risk, volatility risk and over-the-counter transaction risk. FDIs are susceptible to price fluctuations and higher volatility, and may have large bid and offer spreads and no active secondary markets. The leverage element/component of an FDI can result in a loss significantly greater than the amount invested in the FDI by the Sub-Fund.

Why Global X FinTech ETF?

High Growth Potential

Global X FinTech ETF enables investors to access high growth potential through companies that are applying technological innovations to disrupt and improve the delivery of financial services.

Unconstrained Approach

The fund’s composition transcends classic sector and industry classifications by tracking an emerging theme.

ETF Efficiency

In a single trade, the fund delivers access to dozens of companies with high exposure to the FinTech theme.

Fund InformationAs of 19 Apr 2024

Fund Inception Date 09 Dec 2021
SEHK Listing Date 10 Dec 2021
Fiscal Year Ending 31 Mar
Ongoing Charges Over A Year ^ 0.68%
Distribution Frequency Annually at the Manager's discretion (May in each year).
NAV Per Share USD $4.65
Monthly Report
^ The Fund adopts a single management fee structure, whereby a single flat fee will be paid out of the assets of the Fund to cover all of the costs, fees and expenses of the Fund. Click to learn more.

Index Information 1 As of 19 Apr 2024

Underlying Index Indxx Global Fintech Thematic Index NTR 2
Index Type Net Total Return
Base Currency USD
Closing Level 2,046.65
Change -9.71
Change % -0.47%

Trading InformationAs of 19 Apr 2024

Exchange Hong Kong Stock Exchange
Stock Code 3185
ISIN HK0000806304
Board Lot Size 50 Units
Trading Currency HKD
Total Net Asset Value $9,100,966.10
Outstanding Units 250,000

ETF Summary

The Global X FinTech ETF (3185) seeks to invest in companies on the leading edge of the emerging financial technology sector, which encompasses a range of innovations helping to transform established industries like insurance, investing, fundraising, and third-party lending through unique mobile and digital solutions.

The Fund is a passive ETF and seeks to provide investment results that, before deduction of fees and expenses, closely correspond to the performance of the Indxx Global Fintech Thematic Index NTR (the “Index”).

ETF Prices

* Market prices are provided on a 15-minute delayed basis by ICE Data Services. (See terms and conditions)

Daily NAV per Unit4As of 19 Apr 2024

NAV Change % Change
Official NAV per Unit in USD $4.65 $-0.02 -0.47%
NAV per Unit in HKD 5 $36.40 $-0.17 -0.47%

Performance As of 19 Apr 2024

Cumulative Return Fund NAV (%) Benchmark (%)
1 Mth -5.60 -5.57
3 Mths 4.27 4.50
6 Mths 27.98 28.69
1 Yr 20.27 21.31
YTD -2.02 -1.82
Since Inception -41.91 -40.26
Calendar Year Return Fund NAV (%) Benchmark (%)
2023 33.12 34.29
2022 -52.29 -51.92
2021 - -
2020 - -
2019 - -
Source: Mirae Asset Global Investments (Hong Kong) Limited.
• Past performance information is not indicative of future performance. Investors may not get back the full amount invested.
• The computation basis of the performance is based on the calendar year end, NAV-to-NAV, with dividend reinvested.
• These figures show by how much the Fund increased or decreased in value during the calendar year shown.
• Performance data has been calculated in USD including ongoing charges and excluding trading costs on SEHK you might have to pay.
• Where no past performance is shown there was insufficient data available in that year to provide performance.
• The Index of the Fund is Indxx Global Fintech Thematic Index.
• Fund launch date: 10 Dec 2021

Holdings Overview As of 19 Apr 2024

Total Net Asset Value (in HKD) Total Net Asset Value (in USD) Number of Securities Securities (%) Cash and Cash Equivalent (%)
9,100,966.10 1,161,800.74 65 99.48 0.52

Daily HoldingsAs of 19 Apr 2024

Name of Securities Exchange Ticker Exchange Market Price (in USD) Number of Shares Held Market Value (in USD) Net Assets (%)
PAYPAL HOLDINGS INC PYPL US New York 62.31 1,236 77,015.16 6.63
FIDELITY NATIONAL INFO SERV FIS US New York 70.73 1,078 76,246.94 6.56
FISERV INC FI US New York 148.62 500 74,310.00 6.40
ADYEN NV ADYEN NA Amsterdam 1,492.95 47 70,168.48 6.04
INTUIT INC INTU US New York 605.17 113 68,384.21 5.89
BLOCK INC SQ US New York 70.42 939 66,124.38 5.69
COINBASE GLOBAL INC -CLASS A COIN US New York 211.01 275 58,027.75 4.99
GLOBAL PAYMENTS INC GPN US New York 122.10 431 52,625.10 4.53
SS&C TECHNOLOGIES HOLDINGS SSNC US New York 60.82 860 52,305.20 4.50
JACK HENRY & ASSOCIATES INC JKHY US New York 165.60 253 41,896.80 3.61
XERO LTD XRO AU Sydney 75.02 525 39,383.08 3.39
WISE PLC WISE LN London 10.05 3,559 35,754.67 3.08
TOAST INC-CLASS A TOST US New York 21.62 1,491 32,235.42 2.77
GUIDEWIRE SOFTWARE INC GWRE US New York 107.64 285 30,677.40 2.64
AFFIRM HOLDINGS INC AFRM US New York 31.01 902 27,971.02 2.41
NEXI SPA NEXI IM Milan 5.77 4,564 26,335.81 2.27
SOFI TECHNOLOGIES INC SOFI US New York 7.11 3,395 24,138.45 2.08
HEALTHEQUITY INC HQY US New York 80.89 298 24,105.22 2.07
BILL HOLDINGS INC BILL US New York 59.61 362 21,578.82 1.86
TEMENOS AG - REG TEMN SW Zurich 72.58 261 18,943.21 1.63
STONECO LTD STNE US New York 15.30 977 14,948.10 1.29
MARATHON DIGITAL HOLDINGS IN MARA US New York 16.50 774 12,771.00 1.10
ACI WORLDWIDE INC ACIW US New York 31.95 383 12,236.85 1.05
SHIFT4 PAYMENTS INC-CLASS A FOUR US New York 60.93 198 12,064.14 1.04
ENVESTNET INC ENV US New York 63.33 188 11,906.04 1.02
NCINO INC NCNO US New York 29.41 393 11,558.13 0.99
KAKAOPAY CORP 377300 KS Seoul 24.02 458 10,999.88 0.95
ASSETMARK FINANCIAL HOLDINGS AMK US New York 34.74 258 8,962.92 0.77
FLYWIRE CORP-VOTING FLYW US New York 21.10 416 8,777.60 0.76
LUFAX HOLDING LTD-ADR LU US New York 4.34 1,948 8,454.32 0.73
PAGSEGURO DIGITAL LTD-CL A PAGS US New York 11.48 708 8,127.84 0.70
DLOCAL LTD DLO US New York 14.55 553 8,046.15 0.69
NUVEI CORP-SUBORDINATE VTG NVEI CN Toronto 32.06 223 7,149.12 0.62
HUB24 LTD HUB AU Sydney 24.89 272 6,768.79 0.58
UPSTART HOLDINGS INC UPST US New York 21.87 300 6,561.00 0.56
RIOT PLATFORMS INC RIOT US New York 9.13 718 6,555.34 0.56
VIRTU FINANCIAL INC-CLASS A VIRT US New York 21.06 311 6,549.66 0.56
PAYONEER GLOBAL INC PAYO US New York 4.89 1,258 6,151.62 0.53
VERTEX INC - CLASS A VERX US New York 28.61 210 6,008.10 0.52
SAPIENS INTERNATIONAL CORP SPNS US New York 30.04 187 5,617.48 0.48
HYPOPORT SE HYQ GR Frankfurt 242.64 23 5,580.62 0.48
MERIDIANLINK INC MLNK US New York 17.21 276 4,749.96 0.41
LEMONADE INC LMND US New York 15.86 236 3,742.96 0.32
CIPHER MINING INC CIFR US New York 3.84 885 3,398.40 0.29
GALAXY DIGITAL HOLDINGS LTD GLXY CN Toronto 8.45 371 3,134.22 0.27
IRESS LTD IRE AU Sydney 4.94 629 3,110.37 0.27
PAYSAFE LTD PSFE US New York 14.23 207 2,945.61 0.25
LENDINGCLUB CORP LC US New York 7.90 363 2,867.70 0.25
OSL GROUP LTD 863 HK Hong Kong 1.23 2,177 2,667.93 0.23
ZIP CO LTD ZIP AU Sydney 0.70 3,671 2,569.69 0.22
MONEYLION INC ML US New York 69.13 36 2,488.68 0.21
HUT 8 CORP HUT CN Toronto 8.08 308 2,487.60 0.21
BITFARMS LTD/CANADA BITF US New York 1.92 1,049 2,014.08 0.17
OPEN LENDING CORP LPRO US New York 4.66 431 2,008.46 0.17
BLEND LABS INC BLND US New York 2.33 829 1,931.57 0.17
MITEK SYSTEMS INC MITK US New York 12.18 142 1,729.56 0.15
WEALTHNAVI INC 7342 JP Tokyo 9.35 172 1,608.75 0.14
I3 VERTICALS INC-CLASS A IIIV US New York 22.33 72 1,607.76 0.14
CANTALOUPE INC CTLP US New York 6.16 253 1,558.48 0.13
LENDINGTREE INC TREE US New York 34.13 40 1,365.20 0.12
PAGAYA TECHNOLOGIES LTD PGY US New York 9.45 143 1,351.35 0.12
PAYMENTUS HOLDINGS INC PAY US New York 19.31 62 1,197.22 0.10
LINKLOGIS INC-CLASS B 9959 HK Hong Kong 0.18 6,354 1,127.47 0.10
BAKKT HOLDINGS INC BKKT US New York 0.40 242 96.27 0.01
QIWI PLC-SPONSORED ADR QIWI US New York 0.00 738 0.00 0.00
Holdings are subject to change. Cash, where shown, includes other assets and liabilities, such as payables and receivables.

Tracking Difference / Error

Tracking Difference / Tracking Error

Tracking Difference
Tracking difference is the return difference between the Fund and the Underlying Index over a certain period of time.
Tracking Error
Tracking error measures how consistently the Fund follows the Underlying Index. It is the volatility (measured by standard deviation) of that return difference.

Tracking Difference (TD)

Fund Listing Date:10 Dec 2021

Rolling 1 Year TD: -0.50%

TD for Calendar Year 2023:-1.17%

TD for Calendar Year 2022:-0.37%

Tracking Error (TE)

Fund Listing Date:10 Dec 2021

Rolling 1 Year TE^ :N/A%

^ Annualized based on the number of dealing days in the past year when daily TD is calculated.

Graph for Tracking Difference

ETFs performance is calculated on an NAV to NAV basis and assumes reinvestment of distribution.

Hover over the chart points for details

Market Makers 6

China Merchants Securities (HK) Co., Limited

Flow Traders Hong Kong Limited

Mirae Asset Securities Co., Ltd.

Participating Dealers 7

ABN AMRO Clearing Hong Kong Limited

Barclays Bank PLC

BNP Paribas Securities Services

China Galaxy International Securities (Hong Kong) Co., Limited

China Merchants Securities (HK) Co., Limited

Citigroup Global Markets Asia Limited

Goldman Sachs (Asia) Securities Limited

Haitong International Securities Company Limited

Mirae Asset Securities (HK) Limited

Valuable Capital Limited

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